An Introduction to the "You're Everywhere (Now That You're Gone)" Collection

These poems are mostly about love - love gone wrong, love lost, love gone right and unrequited love - a common enough human experience. Yet others sharing similar fates did little to ease the frustration I felt. It all happened in the late 80's and early 90's. Man, am I glad that's over.

Carrying a torch for someone who doesn't feel the same toward you is at once a toxic state of affairs and a most dynamic channel into your self-awareness and self-expression.

So, to move on with my life, I had to essentially kill off the whole fantasy.
What emerged has turned out to be a most rewarding, enriching life which, like the phoenix,
could not have come into being without the door being shut on my past.

Nonetheless, these words resonate with me now as I read them and recall where I was in life. I hear my voice clearly in every line. Never having kept a diary, it is good to be able to reconnect with my past -  this time from a place of much more stability.

Even though I am embarrassed at the naked adolescent yearning expressed herein, I absolutely honor the passion and the very real experiences that gave rise to poetic expressions, as well as the act of writing itself

At the end of his life, Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha looked at the flowing river as a metaphor for his own life, with all of the contents, good and bad, leading up to that moment. One cannot have white without black, or anything without its inverse to give it dimension. All this hand-wringing is part of my river - I wanted so to succeed as an artist, and yet to marry and be a father. Both are coming along fine, but Lord, what patience it has taken.

the poetry of daniel roest