the poetry of daniel roest

Whoa! It's close to the surface here!
I can just about feel the brisk air,
spray kissing wave tops,
smell the salt air,
hear the gulls and pelicans,
taste the whole sea-thing happening up there.
I almost lost it!

"Up there, it's dangerous, man,
you'll bust your frickin' air bladder -
you're a deep water denizen, bro',
and you can't make it up top."

It was a movie, it was a story,
it was a thought, it was a trigger,
set me off like never before.
It's getting worse, it's getting more,
it's happening any damn time it wants to.

I was saying something, telling a story,
I was trying to stay cool.
I was a fool, so naive
I've swallowed so much pain.
There's no way José,
that it won't pop up

any goddamn time it wants to.

Face it, Jack,
your cool act's dead.
Yeah, you've lost your talent for that kind of thing.
Pretty naked, huh? That's okay, kiddo.
It's God. It's a wild ride.
It's expected, when you break up a couple.
Half of your day-in, day-out
walked away with half of your heart.

Here it is, Jackson.
Ya been yanked up
from down there to up here.
And if you don't get the bends,
if you don't spit out your air bladder,
if you don't get shot out of the water,
if you don't cause some kind of public spectacle
with your heavy water
pouring out of your eyes,
maybe, just maybe,
you'll make it down
to be cool again.