Spring Is Here

Spring arrived in my body at 10:52 this morning.
You called me, after so long an absence.
The Genesis Effect began at that moment,
And now I can't sleep.
If you're sensitive enough to dream about
something that just happened to me,
surely you know why I'm so agitated.

My poetry no longer dwells in the naive band of feelings.
This is not about clouds or kind old men or snowy fields.
This is about the tears that push up any time I think of you
In a certain way.
This is about the rage at all my frustrations
This is about the pride that rises inside me
When I create beauty and strength.
This is what happens
When I express exactly what is real to me.

To borrow a line from emerson,
"i carry your heart in my heart"
I love you, and I always will.


the poetry of daniel roest