the poetry of daniel roest

God, I think I must have known you in a past life.
Why else could this love/hate feeling startle me so?
I can usually see it coming and tell someone
And they'd never see me again.

But you are different.
I got a rush telling you off.
It was like a good fight.
The cosmic punch in the stomach
- followed by tunnel vision and a hot face.
Loss of control, Jackson.

"Not now," I said, "I'm in a lesson,"
- hoping I could conceal my emotion from my student,
wondering how the hell you could affect me so.
I mean, why's it such a fricking roller coaster?
It looks like love, acts like love, smells like love...
Nah, it can't be love!
I don't know you and you don't know me and
Why the hell do I feel such wild swings
about someone I've never kissed, anyway?

You know, this is probably the biggest goddamn illusion.
I'll bet you're real bad news - I can sense it.
Too wild, unpredictable, argumentative and crabby.
NOT a good move!

OR - maybe you're my muse.
No, really, you inspire all kinds of craziness in me.
And who knows? if you don't drive me to distraction,
Maybe some of it will sell.

But I gotta keep my distance, Dear.
Somehow, I gotta keep my head to myself.
And now, just as I'm about to say
I gotta keep you outta my head,
I gotta do another thing and admit it.
You've been in my head
and in my dreams
since I first laid eyes on you.

Damn! You probably don't even like me.
What was it like, when you first saw me?
A big yawn? Zero, zip, nada?
No, come on - I'm way better than that.
What I'd give to know THAT little tidbit.
Did you remember me, love?