The Red, White and Blues


This blue feeling wasn't here before,
and I don't want these blues anymore.

Just the other day when I was watchin' the news,
A breaking story gave me the Red, White and Blues
But I had work to do and so I had to pull away.
I paid my tab and I hit the road – I had to earn my pay.

Well, the Red, White and Blues,
are what I feel today,
I hang on every bit of news
of what went down today.
Now it's time for me and you
and everyone to choose
to stand together unless we want more
Red, White and Blues.
We like to carry on about the headlines that we read
While the homeless man whose luck ran out has a more pressing need
Give that man some shelter and a job that he can do
Give that mom the meds she needs or she’ll be homeless too​

​We can argue on about our different points of view,
Our constitution guarantees that right to me and you.
So don't confuse your politics with the nation's history -
The American flag is the symbol of our right to disagree


Now I know folks on every side of why we went to war
My dad and I don’t see eye to eye on what we’re fightin’ for
But every soldier’s gotta know how much this country cares
When we say goodnight an’ turn out the light, we keep them in our prayers 
    (Chorus, repeat Chorus)


Copyright 1985, 2009, 2019 Daniel Roest
the poetry of daniel roest
Here, in the aftermath of the 2016 election and with wars dragging on, the chorus of this "country" song I wrote in the 80's still resonates.

I'm updating the verses. 
It's sad how much animosity in the world is aimed at the U.S. We really need to pull together in so many ways - and also rebuild respect in the rest of the world by much greater diplomatic interaction with other countries.

No matter how upset we get at the present stae of affairs, let's try to see the bigger picture and honor the sacrifices of previous generations.