Maximum Restraint

He advised me to be patient
Sit back and wait.
Having made the bold statement,
let it dwell in her.

Easy for you to say, boy,
but then, it's plausible.
Unreasonably difficult, yet plausible.
Ask the impossible - I'll consider.

Yeah, I also consider having her.

The problem is that we work together, though barely..
I love that word.
To - get - her.
That's what I want.

In sales they taught us to overcome objections.
It meant that the prospect wanted the product,
but there was a barrier such as price,
or practicality,
or convincing the spouse,
or some other.

She must have an imperitive
to not get involved with anyone in her field.
I'm ready to overcome it.

Look at the positives.
They say opposites attract.
We have many things in common, but such different personalities.
From this side, the attraction is immense.

We could play "Beauty and the Beast."
We could run away and get our plan straight.
We could get comfortable as a pair,
and then look great at work.

I'm so convinced, I'm so confident
that I could serve her well,
that I could offer her sanctuary,
that I could be good for her and listen well,
to care and please her,
I'm using major restraint
just to keep cool in public.
If she'd take some time out to visit a while,
she couldn't help but see her opportunity
as I attend to her with unwaivering kindness,
as I create a romance,
for Romance is in my blood
and my soul,
and waiting for expression
is taking Maximum Restraint.
the poetry of daniel roest