Long Ago

It was so very long ago
that I was innocent and young,
and trusting that my home
would always be there, loving me!
Then I had a place to go
where tales were told and songs were sung -
how far from there it seems I've come,
so far from where life used to be!

How bold I act, as Aries do,
so confident and cool,
and seeing is believing, or,
I'd had been found by now.
"Big things will come of you,"
I heard at home and school -
something real worth working for,
but that was then, and this is now.

Is a circle what it's all about,
when uneasy peace returns,
and loving wife and child bring
a kind of cosmic gift?
Would a father ever doubt
what deep inside me burns?
God willing, yet my heart will sing
when I make that subtle shift!

the poetry of daniel roest