I Believe In You

You came dressed to kill.
Jaws dropped, knees buckled,
Blood pressure was a joke.
You spoke, and we raced to regain our composure.
I was quick on my feet,
ready like a bronc-riding cowboy.
What a ride!

They returned to consciousness and quickly reassembled.
Privately they took note  -
"Where did SHE come from?"
You're so different, so striking,
Star material in our midst.

I bet you feel a little freaky.
So do I, Dear, so do I.

I had my hands full coping with all these professionals,
playing my role, but wondering
"Where is she?"
And then you came up on a motorcycle.
What an entrance!
"I need more power!" yelled Captain Kirk.
"I'm giving you everything she's got, Captain!" Scotty yelled back.
"That's not good enough, Mister,
My underarms are soaked!" hollered the Captain.
Scotty was in charge of the ship's Cool Act.
Meanwhile, you are a Roman Candle, hard to ignore.
The brain is working at Warp Nine,
assimilating all the incoming data.
Spock has passed out.
What a trip.

It's going rather well, actually.
It's really quite a pleasant barbecue at a lovely home.
And you sat next to me.
Time to act some more and put on a show, 
pretend we're all the same.
We moved apart and I spied on you.

It doesn't stop - you're just so different.
But I know, and I see and I feel this:
You can make it and be happy.
I believe in you.
the poetry of daniel roest