the poetry of daniel roest


I have a crush,
she has a crush,
someone else has a crush,
but nobody who has a crush
is getting their crush crushed back
in the right direction.

She has a crush on me.
I have a crush on someone else.
Who knows WHOM she's got a crush on?

So I go out with the one who has a crush on me.
Lying in her arms, we're happy at how well it's going.

But there's a limit to how much I can give,
because my crush is on someone else.

My moral imperitive says to not hurt anyone.
Yet my gregarious nature is liking all this affection.
And there's soooooo much physical energy, too.

Then one thing leads to another,
and before long I need to make a confession.

I confess that I am here in your arms and yet not available.
You can borrow me, but at any time I could disappear.
Gone like the wind.

Forewarned is forearmed.
At least I didn't try to hide it.
So when the time comes, and it will,
Let's just be thankful for the good times,
such as they were.