Well the yoke broke in the mornin',
The yoke broke at night,
The yoke broke in the mornin', Mama,
And ran all through the white.

Once I was rich, and life was so easy,
I used to play golf, to swim, and to sail,
But now I'm so broke, and my roof is leakin',
So please won't you loan me a pail?

         I climbed aboard the corporate ladder,
         All of their hopes for me were quite high,
         They knew I was good cause when I got cookin',
         That stock shot straight through the sky!

Well the cook booked with the butler,
And the driver split with the maid,
Even the gardener, he's on vacation, Jackson,
But I've got it made in the shade, Yeah!
Say I've got it made in the shade!

the poetry of daniel roest