the poetry of daniel roest
Barbara, You're Such a Groovy Creature,
I Want All My Friends to Meet'cha

I find it easy to sleep, sleep... sleep...

Whenever I try to get deep, deep... deep.....

About what brings me such happiness

Whenever you pass by in a long dress.

I could search the foundations of my soul

But all I come up with is this rock 'n roll


Jiggley-tiggley, juggley-bubbley,

Oogala-agala, googala-gagala.

Such is the nonsense from me

Whenever you I chance to see.

Now let's talk about the way you look,

Because it makes my head cook!

Don't matter if outside it's drizzlin'

Inside my head it's sizzlin'!

When you wear a crown of flowers

I could look at you for hours,

And when you wear that long dress -

Baby, my mind

Is all in a mess.