As I Look At You

As I look at You
through the eyes of my heart
and see your effect on me,
           my friend,
I see how we grappled with life together
and how important you are,
            newly, in a fresh way -
like Spring's first buds,
rising out of mother Earth,
            moist and warmed by the April Sun

A little thing in my vision,
just a trivial matter, really,
            purely incidental,
impelled me to thinking of you
and how I slighted 
            the one I love -
my friend that I grow with,
You, my love

It was such a thing as hardly belongs in a poem,
- a scratch on a piece of furniture

And then,
the thought-stream suggested this,
and led to that,
and the connections were made -
how richly rewarded am I
            to have You
            in my life
the poetry of daniel roest